About Us



Franchezco started in 2015.This was a tough time for me and my family .In Sept 2015 my father passed and I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. After Dad's death in 2015 and my Chemo, I started to design T shirts. Designing helped me with my health.

My journey with Prostate Cancer continues. Thank you God.Thank you Mom for your love and support and encouragement with my designs and my health. 


I first started designing T shirts on an UK T shirt Print on Demand website with its own design internal mock-up generator. Family and friends liked my designs but that site's design program was limited and shipping time was slow from the UK.Internet research lead me to designing on Affinity Designer and pop. Cool Tee Clothing was Started.


Designing more graphics lead me to designing handmade fabric  on Spoonflower and then designing my own fabric for some of my Handmade Ties.


I Have products designed on the following great sites. Inktale, Society6, Sunfrog, Roostery. Redbubble. My earlier products were designed under my Brand name, Cool Tee Clothing.Check out my designs on those great sites.Those links of my designs are listed on my site Always Black. Spoonflower produces my designs on fabric. Roostery produces my designs on table mats, bedding , pillows, Sunfrog, baseball hats , t shirts, women dresses and more.Cool Tee Clothing and Franchezco is now Always Black.


After designing products on those sites, I decided to start my own site,Always Black. Check out the design world ofAlways Black. My newest product is Temporary Tattoo's, they are produced by Temporarytatoos.com. Check them out.